Building Your Emergency Toolkit for Bodymind Healing

This class will be offered in 2 sessions: from 11a-12p and from 2p-3p.

Through playful sharing, we will learn simple, effective, body-based tools for emotional and physical first aid in emergency situations and everyday life. We'll build community by learning from each other, exploring questions like, how do we each release stress? And Emily Presley will share handy, easy-to-learn-and-share practices to add to our emergency toolkits. But come to learn even if you don't believe that the end is near! The practices are useful for everyday life to release stress and heal trauma. Techniques will draw from Acupressure, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Polarity Therapy, and more. Check out to see where the practices come from, and to learn more about Emily. Kids are invited to attend! They love it and are often the quickest learners!


Healer. Dancer. Visionary Activist. Emily Presley's deepest passion is to heal our collective wounds so we can thrive. Emily is an energy healer and massage therapist trained in simple, ancient, bodymind healing tools taught by Capacitar International ( She teaches classes on no-props, easy-to-learn, free techniques for releasing stress and trauma in yourself and your community. Come to her classes to expand your resilience skill set, celebrate your inner resources, and build healthy and healing communities.


I'm a world traveler, ESL tutor, animal lover, environmentalist, etc. I like to meet new folks and need to continue practicing my French skills.


I work as an environmental educator/filmmaker. In my spare time I am interested in learning--anything and everything, but especially nature and environment related stuff.


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about 7 hours ago

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Aubrey Pittman
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